For more than 80 years, Witzco remains whole heartedly dedicated to the creation of high-quality products and outstanding customer service. While Witzco Trailers has made a name for itself, the true heart of the company resides within the family history, its dedicated employees, and the future generations to come. Since the year 1938 to present day, Witzco Trailers is proud to continue its legacy as a beloved family tradition.

Witzco Trailers—originally named I.R. Witzer Company—was founded in 1938 by Israel and Rebecca Witzer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a steel fabrication shop. Through the couple’s commitment to one another and their dedication to delivering an outstanding product, I.R. Witzer Company became a complete success. The company grew larger over the years and the dream of a family business unfolded as the generations that followed became involved. Under Israel and Rebecca’s guidance, their children and grandchildren not only learned the art of steel fabrication and skills of operating a business, but also learned the importance of dedication involved in making I.R. Witzer Company prosper.

Acquiring those characteristics, Israel and Rebecca’s daughter Pacy and her husband Morris became involved in the day to day operations of the business during the early 1960’s. Moreover, in the early 1970’s, their son Steve and his wife Michelle also became highly involved in the business. Both couples shared ownership in the company along with their parents.

In 1979, the family relocated their operation to sunny Florida, creating room for a new facility and increased aspirations. Although the economic environment became difficult in the early 1980’s, I.R. Witzer Company only thrived in the wake of challenges. With much thought and deliberation, the manufacture of their new product line was on its way, low boy trailers. In 1980, I.R. Witzer Company began manufacturing what is known today as the Witzco Challenger Trailer, and in 1997, began operating under the new title Witzco Trailers Incorporated.

In the early 2000s, Steve and Michelle’s son, Sam Witzer, along with Pacy and Morris’ son, Josh Weinstein, continued the family legacy and became owners. In 2007, Sam and Josh expanded the company, founding TrailCo Parts International, a company offering an extensive selection of trailer and transport parts.

Although Witzco Trailers has transformed throughout the decades, the most significant unchanging aspects of the company that have remained, and will always remain, are family and our devoted employees. Just as Witzco Trailers touches upon the importance of generational ownership, the dedicated employees have also emphasized family relationships as parents, children, siblings, and cousins work alongside one another within our company, giving the absolute best. Because of this, and the aspiring dreams of Israel and Rebecca Witzer, Witzco Trailers Incorporated is proud to announce that for 9 decades and counting, we are a successfully owned and operated family business dedicated to the tradition of hard work, exceptional customer satisfaction, and devotion to manufacturing outstanding Heavy Haul Trailers.

Witzco Challenger Trailers