When your livelihood is about your load reaching its destination safely and efficiently, you can trust a Witzco Challenger Trailer to do the job. Every time.

Why Witzco?
Witzco’s attention to detail and commitment to quality extends into every part of the manufacturing process, beginning with its purchase of American-made products and ending with a top-quality Challenger trailer. Witzco takes pride in the fact that it is a family-owned and -run business that manufactures every heavy haul trailer on-site. This keeps prices low and quality at its highest.

Using only the best, Witzco values the distinction of American-made products and recognizes the importance of American jobs. For this reason, Witzco has successfully completed contracts with entities varying from government and military organizations to mining and logging companies. Witzco’s superior quality and custom flexibility was established with each user’s bottom line in mind. Your load, Witzco believes, is your livelihood. Witzco manufactures each trailer with that idea in mind.

The Process
The Witzco team focuses on each step of the building process from conception to completion. This keeps the trailers in working condition for decades. The process begins with steel manufactured in the United States, which is then cut in-house with Witzco’s state-of-the-art equipment. Once the steel has been cut, a team of welders steps in to assemble the specific components into the final Challenger Trailer. Each Witzco fabrication team has a specific job that they have practiced and perfected, which in turn means that Witzco can provide a higher-quality product to every consumer. This is a large part of Witzco’s commitment to excellence.

Post-assembly, the trailer is cleaned, painted and given any final customization based upon the order request. Witzco then performs a complete analysis of the Challenger Trailer, examining everything from braking ability and lighting to hydraulic function and engine operation. No Witzco Trailer leaves the premises without passing rigorous testing, which is why every Challenger Trailer is built to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Witzco is also a CCR registered company and is committed to providing quality trailers to government entities.

The Witzco Value
Witzco strategically made an investment in the production of every trailer manufactured, which was done through the purchase of a Peddinghaus miter band saw, as well as a Torchmate plasma torch and table. Both pieces of equipment are among the largest in the Southeastern United States. The precision and consistency of both updated machines enable a more accurate fitting of components, which save both time and resources in the manufacture of every trailer. Witzco also deliberately designs each trailer model to be practical, eliminating gadgets or add-ons that often increase the prices of other standard trailers. These additions can be added to a custom trailer, but the only“extra” that comes standard with all Challenger Trailers is superb customer service. These instruments and practices ensure that Witzco creates top-quality trailers while maintaining their high value, which makes them an investment that benefits Witzco’s customers – in more ways than one.

Witzco Challenger Trailers