Witzco Trailers Inc. was very proud and honored to have been the official sponsor of Mia Weinstein in the recent New York City Marathon on November 7th, 2021. Mia is the daughter of the president and owner of Witzco Trailers, Josh Weinstein. She was among the 33,000 participants, representing ninety-one countries in the 50th annual marathon. Throughout this largest marathon in the world, runners toured across the diverse neighborhoods of New York City’s five boroughs. For Mia, an avid runner, this race was monumental. She enjoys running because it’s self-competitive, excellent for goal settings, and testing strength and stamina. After having competed in various races since 2016, she decided to set her goal even higher: running her first 26.2-mile marathon. After training for 20 weeks with great discipline and dedication, she achieved her dream. Next up for Mia: the New York City half marathon on March 20, 2022. Just like Mia, Witzco Trailers is in it for the long run: operating for over 83 years as a family business dedicated to first class customer service and manufacturing exceptional heavy haul trailers.

image Josh and Mia Weinstein
image Mia Weinstein